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Our Services Include:

Overhead Distribution ranging from 4160 to 34,500 volts.


Underground Distribution ranging from 4160 to 34,500 volts.

Terminating and Splicing cable up to 35kv.

Installation of wood , concrete , metal and fiberglass poles. We stock poles that range from 25ft to 45ft.

Installation of Aerial Fiber.

Sports lighting, we maintain athletic field lighting for several counties throughout the state of Virginia.

Security and street lighting.


Matthews Construction Company Inc. believes that safety begins with teamwork. We work as a team and stay safe as a team. Our EMR and safety record exceed the average in our field of work. Our employees are trained and certified in First Aid and CPR. We undergo hours of safety training each year. Safety is no accident.

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Matthews Construction Company is always looking for individuals who work well in a team environment. We offer competitive wages, paid holidays, and vacation. 

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